Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behind the scenes of a destination wedding

I am SO excited about this blog! Throughout Mark and Jessica's 4 day destination wedding at the phenomenal Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, Nira and I made ourselves take the time to document the production process to show the behind the scenes of what it took to pull together a multiple day event that was 5 months in planning. There was magic fairy dust sprinkled over the entire weekend it came together so smoothly! A gigantic shout out to the staff of the Rosewood Mayakoba for working so hard and being so awesome. We can't say enough great things about the staff there.

Note: these are just the production photos. We're saving the pretty stuff from the official photographer, Elizabeth Medina--they're going to be gorgeous!


6:30 AM. Heading to the airport

7:30 AM

5:00 PM. Our sweet, sweet, ride, a Chevy Cavalier. We actually did get all of those boxes in this car! Also shown, our chef, chauffeur, and sherpa, my husband Eric.

8:00 PM. Dinner at El Fogon in Playa del Carmen!

9:30 PM. Shopping at Mega for welcome bag items


10:00 AM. Meeting with Rosewood Mayakoba wedding specialist Arianna. She got us set up in a conference room to use as our work room. She rocks!

My "office"

Unpacking the boxes & suitcases

Putting together the welcome bags for guests

Welcome bags included water, snacks, Margarita mix, bubble bath, bug spray, gum, chapstick, candy, and a welcome letter with an itinerary
4:00 PM. Setting up for the welcome dinner. Mexican food, Margaritas, and Karaoke awaited our guests when they arrived!

8:00 PM

One of the chefs and our lovely bride & groom!

 4:00 PM. Wedding Rehearsal!

Pretty photos around the property


9:00 AM. Loading the guests up for a day of fun at XPlor Adventure Park


9:30 AM. Transporting all of our decor down to the beach

10:00 AM. Set up commences

Unwrapping & filling up the oil lanterns

Our lovely friend tried to give us Pina Coladas. When we told him that we couldn't because we were working he brought us virgin ones. We love the staff at the Rosewood!

LED light up dancefloor about to go down. It was a hit that night!

Escort cards were tied to the sea glass  bottles and displayed amongst family photos & flower arrangements. Twas pretty.

Taking a photo break

2:00 PM. Videographers (Loyd Calomay) and Photographers (Elizabeth Medina) arrive to capture the bridal party getting ready

3:00 PM. Dressed and ready to wed!

3:00 PM. Decorating the ceremony site

4:00 PM. Ceremony!

4:30 PM. Recessional and cocktail hour music

7:00 PM. Attempting to keep the oil lanterns lit. The wind was just too strong and it didn't work. I was sad about that.

DJ Ivan doin' his thang

9:30 PM. Videographers Kyle & Loyd taking a break.

10:00 PM. The cake has been cut, the party is raging, and Arianna and I have our own dance party.

11:00 PM. Pack up time.

Sneak Peeks from our photographer Elizabeth Medina!



10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Breakfast and 2 hours on the beach for Nira and I. Multiple Pina Coladas consumed in those two hours. No photos of that. It ain't pretty.

4:00 PM. Repacking the luggage as to not get charged a $200 over-limit fee. We got the suitcases .4 lbs under and carried on the rest. 

Two days later we produced a formal reception for Mark & Jessica for 140 of their friends and family at the gorgeous Bel Air Bay Club here in LA. Stay tuned for those photos!