Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogging about blogging

Blogging seems to me to be one of the most narcissistic habits of the 21st Century. If anyone out there in Internetland ACTUALLY cares about what I had for breakfast and how I felt about it, I'll give you a virtual gold star! Yet here I am on this blog train and who knows to what speeds we will attain and where we will end up? We'll see. Lord help me if I ever become one of those people who jumps out of an experience to rush home and blog about what just happened. I tell myself now that I WILL stay to experience it, good story to blog be damned.

Ironically, while I feel that Blogs are narcissistic, I love the fact that I can keep up with my friends, family, and colleagues in this busy life! We used to talk on the phone, but we barely have time for that anymore.

So this is my business blog. Friends and family: you aren't going to get the juicy stuff. Call me, ok? Or text me--I can keep up with that.

On to business. I feel that as wedding coordinators, our services are just one of the many intangible things that a bride "purchases" for her wedding day. In fact, I think that the photographs and the videos are the only actual products aside from memories and keepsakes a bride actually takes away from her wedding (side note: don't skimp on the photography!). Most of us wedding vendors don't deliver a take away product, but knowledge, experience, know-how, comfort, manual labor, and a mental safety net, so our personalities are one of the crucial factors that play into our matching with potential clients. Thus the reasoning for my starting a blog. I am a firm believer in the chemistry of matching wedding vendors, and the chemistry between coordinator and client is one of the most important relationships a bride will undertake during her engagement. Throughout the course of my client's engagement and wedding, I am her advisor, her negotiator, her liaison, her champion, her friend, her support, and her shoulder to cry on. Aside from the relationship she has with her fiancé, she and I share the most intimate relationship for that brief moment in her life called her engagement. I know about her mother issues, her bridesmaid battles, her mother-in-law pressures, and the wedding nightmares she is having. Heavy stuff.

So I feel like my brides should know me if they want to. Granted, the line I will walk will be a fine one. How much is too much to share? I'll decide. So I'll tiptoe this line to the best of my abilities. When I step over it, forgive my indiscretions.

Full speed ahead!

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