Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Emergency Kit

Every Wedding Coordinator I know is armed with her version of the crucial Emergency Kit. The kit itself ranges from fishing tackle boxes, to tool boxes, to suitcases, to rolling organizers. Most of the time, if you need it, we got it! Pantyhose run? No problem! Stain on a dress! No biggie! Boutonnière falling apart? Let me at it! Forgot deodorant? Here ya go! That's what we're here for! Wedding Woman to the Rescue!

My Kit is a rolling scrap book organizer with stacked and labeled bins of categorized items: Men's Toiletries, Ladies Toiletries, First Aid, Wedding Supplies, etc.

I have an alphabetized list of the 100ish items in my kit that ranges from Aspirin to Q-tips. I find that the most used items have been my iron/steamer, universal cell phone charger kit, extension cords, and safety & corsage pins.

If you do not have a wedding coordinator and you are having your wedding at a hotel, you can usually get help if you need an item in an emergency. However, if you are having an "off site" wedding (in a park, home, garden, etc), someone needs to compile items that you are more than likely going to need.

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Isis said...

Love the Kit Amber! Sooo organized! You've reminded me to organize mine :)