Friday, October 26, 2007

Autumn Dreams

My wedding season ended with weddings this past weekend. They went beautifully and I can't wait to see pictures and to blog about them. They were FABULOUS. Now I have time to breathe and reflect and get a little bit homesick for Ozark Autumns. Ah, Fall. One of my favorite times of year. The end of the summer and beginning of the sparkling holidays.

Living in Los Angeles is exciting and stimulating, but I miss the seasons. I miss hiking through blazing red forests with my dog, seeing our breathe hang in the air, and smelling woodsmoke coming from fireplaces of other homes in the valley. I also do like waxing nostalgic. Ah, Fall.

Now that my weddings are over for now, it's time to (book more!) tackle projects around my home and reintroduce myself to my friends. The life of a wedding coordinator=NO WEEKENDS!

So in honor of the Fall that I am missing, my husband and I are creating one in Los Angeles tonight in our 80 degree weather. We're hosting a comfort food potluck (mashed potatoes! rum & cider! cornbread & stuffing! apple pie!) with our friends then going to a harvest festival at a pumkin patch about 30 minutes away from us. One of the great things about LA: you can find anything you want! Today I want a haunted cornmaze at a pumkin patch and a small-town-ish festival with kids already in their halloween costumes pulling wagons of pumpkins. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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