Wednesday, November 21, 2007


2008 Brides, sit up and take notice: this is going to be big! Bigger than 'The Candy Bar' big. Oh, how I love love love this product! Apparantly, Martha Stewart and Pottery Barn do to as I've seen graffiti on the walls of some of the spreads in their magazines. I mean, can you get any more validation than that?!
Words, designs, & monograms that attach to any surface with no harm done is what it is. Wonderful Graffiti is your answer to blah ballroom walls, church doors, and any other flat surface you want to pretty up. Hey, you can even get gift certificates for your bridesmaids as gifts!
The website is FUN too. They have a wedding centered website and their regular home website. Both are worth playing around at. You can choose your wall size, color, etc and go to town!
Wall graffiti is great for your home too. I just designed & ordered a border that I am going to have at the top of the wall that I display my family/friend pictures on. It is a quote from my favorite musical Les Miserables: "To Love another person is to see the face of God"

I can't wait to see what my wall of fame will look like with all of the pictures of the people I love and my favorite quote above it. I'll definately take pictures to post.

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