Monday, December 17, 2007

Amber Events' Top 10 Gifts for 2007

Oprah has one. So does yahoo, msn, ivillage, and every
other website. So here is Amber's top gift ideas! Disclaimer: family & friends, stop reading now if you want to ruin your surprise! :)

1. A keepsake ornament from
Just upload your photo and fill out the information. It takes a few weeks to receive it, but it's well worth it as these are the prettiest ornaments I've seen like this. The photo is repeated on the back. One of my friends got married this year and this is a beautiful present!

2. Anything from either or makes for great presents! Mousepads (this is one of our vacation pictures), calendars, mugs, books, canvas prints & stickers can be made from your photos. I love this concept.

3. A Garmin (or similiar) GPS device for the car. This is a great gift for everyone! Granted, they are not cheap as they start off at $250 on but they are wonderful gadgets.

4. The "Planet Earth" documentary box set. By far the most beautiful documentary ever made. Available at Target, Amazon, etc starting at $59.99.

5. For the travelers in your life, the customized world map comes with a personalized plaque and a chart showing what the colored pins stand for (red=have been here, blue=want to go here, etc). Available through Skymall & Hammacher Schlemmer, this is a cool one. (note: honey, until we get a bigger house with more wall space, I can't get this for you!)

6. For the person who has ever gadget it the world: a universal charger to charge the iphone, blackberry, ipod, cell phone, etc! Cut down on all of the cords and just have one! Available on Amazon, Skymall, etc.

7. If you can't get a universal charger, opt for the Charger Valet to keep all of those ugly cords hidden inside! This one is available through Skymall, but I'm sure they can be found at places like Pottery Barn, etc.

8. A Digital picture frame for the proud parent, grandparent, or friend. These babies can hold up to 150 digital photos that scroll constantly. Available in Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

9. For the Dog Lover's in your life: a Flashlight Collar for safety on those nighttime walks. Available through Skymall.

For the Cat Lover's in your life: a
Kitty Washroom. Who says cat boxes have to be ugly and unsightly? I love this item. Probably because I have cats...
Available through Skymall. I think I love skymall.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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