Sunday, June 22, 2008

Any given Saturday

As a wedding coordinator with a lot of other coordinator friends, I assist at other weddings that aren't my own clients when I have an open Saturday I want to fill or my friend is in a bind. My coordinator friends do the same for me. It's a great way to "practice" working a venue we have not worked before, meet good (and bad) vendors, and it's kind of nice to be the one who doesn't have to take the heat and go tell people when things go wrong! Some weddings are good, some are bad, some are blah. Some couples I wish were mine. Last Saturday's wedding for High Concept Events was a wedding I wish was my own. The couple was sooooo cool and really made the wedding truly THEM! Paula's custom chartreuse wedding gown really got me excited. As did her funky venue at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, the gospel choir singing during the ceremony, the vibrant colors of chartreuse, orange, and blue, and the personalized touches she put everywhere. I snapped some shots througout the day on my phone:

I love pictures of what is actually happening! And look at that dress!

My iPhone camera does not pick up the colors of the chinese lanterns, but they were so pretty in alternating blue, orange, and chartreuse. So sassy and spicy!

I got to decorate the bridal suite that night as well.

Everybody go "Awwwww!!!!"

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