Saturday, July 5, 2008

Destination: Chinatown

Thankfully, I had no weddings this holiday weekend. Rockstar Husband and I are trying to spend as much quality time together as he will be either in the studio or on the road for about the next month or so, so this morning we woke up after a very fun Fourth of July party and decided we wanted to have An Adventure. To make it a game, we decided our Adventure would consist of $30 and the LA Metro. We were in a Chinatown type of mood as we are starting to plan our 20 day trip to China next year.

$10.00 Day Pass purchased. Go Metro!

Handsome Husband

On the Red Line

$6.00 spent on a tea press for The Husband's Yerba Mate tea habit. I think it tastes like dirt. But I'm thrilled he'll no longer be leaving tea grounds in our coffee cups!

$3.00 for a cup of Sugar Cane Juice. Very interesting. Not bad, but interesting

Pretty Baby

Not purchased, just played with
Coming from, I kid you not, "The Chicken Capital of the World" of Springdale, Arkansas, we feel kind of at home when we see massive poultry statues. It almost makes us want to salute...or something.

The sign says "Live poultry upon request". You really can get anything in LA!

$11.00 for a split lunch at Pho 97 Vietnamese restaurant. Very good.

We had a blast on our cheap Adventure, and would have stuck to the $30.00 budget we set for ourselves had it not been for these babies:

Not the instruments of torture that they look, these reflexology sandals are awesome. They even have the sections of the body that the pressure point is stimulating. A wedding coordinators best friend! For $10.00, we each bought a pair. Happy feet!


Michelle@Memorable Events said...

What a great adventure!!! Thanks for sharing. Even a $50 budget is good...who could resist those sandals!

liesl said...

Don't worry I saluted for you!

Ken & Sarah said...

i drink yerba mate every day. i love the stuff! - sarah