Friday, September 5, 2008

An event at Greystone Mansion

Our most recent Association of Bridal Consultants networking event was held at the magnificent Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. I love this park. It has always been on my list of favorite places in L.A. If it were not for the Los Angeles skyline (and smog) in the distance, I could totally pretend that I am a guest at a grand European manor house. And I am wearing a fabulous dress. Le sigh.

This Gothic English mansion on 12.58 acres of land was at one time a private estate belonging to the oil wealthy Doheny family. True to all Gothic mansions, there was a gory murder/suicide (many people say it was actually a murder/murder, never solved) at one point, and also true to all Gothic mansions, Greystone is totally haunted. But you can't have a wedding inside of it, so no worries about spooky wedding crashers!

If the interior of Greystone is dark and haunted, the gardens are heavenly and deeeevine, dahling!

Because Greystone is a city park, wedding ceremonies are actually pretty affordable to have there. Receptions can be held there as well, but that is a whole other ballgame of red tape and much, more money. There is a long list of rules to abide by as well. For instance: no candles are allowed. Anywhere. Period. No alchohol other than beer or wine can be served. Events must be over by 8:00pm. And the list goes on. It is also costly to bring in all rentals for this venue as there is nothing provided, not even electricity. So generators, tables, chairs, lights, linens, flatware, china, dancefloor and everything else it takes to create a reception has to be rented. But it sure is pretty!

(If I were designing a wedding that were to incorporate Greystone. I would have the ceremony in the formal gardens in front of the fountain all foofy, traditional and flowery, then have the reception at a modern hotel like the Luxe on Sunset and make it all sleek, chic, and sexy. Two wedding dresses would be required, of course.)

Ta ta, darlings!

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Chung Li said...

Magnificent location !! I wish I could go there some day soon .