Monday, November 3, 2008

A Lovely Fall Weekend

Ah, what a lovely weekend. The Husband and I have been working our behinds off lately and this past weekend was the perfect way to celebrate some big accomplishments and transition into the new chapter of our lives that we're starting. Napa Valley has ALWAYS been on our list of places to go and the timing worked out perfectly that our friends Lori & Guillermo rented a house in Napa. The icing on the cake was the fact that we got to make a new friend in the process as Lori's friend Joshua Smith of Cinematic Bride, the uber talented international wedding videographer, joined us for the weekend. Josh and I attempted to put our iPhones down for the weekend and *almost* succeeded, but work never really stops when you own your own business--even when you have an auto reply on your email!

The weekend was rainy, foggy, and full of fall colors--everything I hoped for. Sunny Southern California can get old sometimes to those of use who love changing seasons. The little Victorian house we rented was wonderful, the hot tub was great (even in the rain), the gourmet meals that The Husband cooked were divine, the wineries we visited were lovely, and the wine we tasted was fabulous. I heart Napa. I can't wait to do weddings there (although from what I learned about the Politics of Napa Valley, weddings are a tricky business up there!). Enjoy the pictures!

(Note: I made Josh pose for this picture, he's the nicest guy ever and would never snobbily hold his finger up to you no matter how important the call!)


An Atlanta Bride said...

Originally from California, but now living in Georgia, I regret never visiting Napa. Those pictures you posted are beautiful. Will have to add Napa on my "places to go" list when venturing back to California :)

Juliet Douglas said...

Aww, that picture of you two is so adorable!