Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bridal Panel Workshop

Last night with the hospitality of the gorgeous Los Angeles Athletic Club and the time of three and a half (one husband was sick) newlyweds, my Association of Bridal Consultants Educational Workshop planning partner Mary Sushinksi of Occasions and I put on a great workshop where the newlyweds answered a series of questions for a group of 50 or so wedding vendors. In order to keep our panelists comfortable, there was no direct contact with the vendors--they were asked pre-written questions by our moderator Jorge Lopez of J&M Entertainment and the answers they gave did not give any vendor names, just categories. The point of this panel was to give vendors some information of what newlyweds are really thinking, what they need, and how we can better serve them. It was extremely enlightening! The newlyweds told us some shocking, funny, weird, and sad stories of what they experienced during their planning process.

The evening was extremely educational. Towards the end of the evening us vendors were allowed to write questions for the moderator to ask the newlyweds and the answers were a bit surprising. I took quite a bit away from the evening in terms of how I can better my services AND my customer service.

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