Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soolip bridal show at Vibiana

Sunday was the Soolip Bridal show at Vibiana in downtown LA. Even though I am on the preferred vendor list as a wedding coordinator for Vibiana I opted to not do my own booth this year. Instead, my friend NancyKay, cake bake extraordinaire of NancyKay's Confections asked me to decorate her booth for her. I jumped at the chance as I had not had a fun craft project in quite a while! NancyKay let me take the reins and didn't flinch when I told her I wanted to do a springtime garden bursting with butterflies.

I chose as the base for everything a celery green dupioni silk and used pink everywhere that I could. The letters for her sign was a craft project that I photographed the process of. I'll post that as a blog soon. While I don't claim to be even remotely as talented as a professional florist, I did the flower arrangments of fresh springtime flowers in vases, urns, and pitchers. I wanted it to look like a garden. All of the flowers had handpainted butterflies "landing" on the blossoms. The butterflies were purchased downtown in the flowermart and ran anywhere from $2.50-$4.50 depending on how large they were.

My favorite part of the booth were the two birdcages that were filled with wheatgrass with tulips, daffodils, and irises "growing" out of the grass. And of course, butterflies landing on the cages.
I never could decide which of her cakes was my favorite. Not only are NancyKay's cakes so fresh and pretty to look at, they taste divine! I love her red velvet cake the best......no, maybe the carrot cake. But then again, the cake with the homemade toffee is pretty amazing too.....
I was able to meet Kim and Blair, some of the fabulous women of the sassy Junebug weddings blog, and they wrote such a great recap and posted the prettiest pictures of the show here. What a great day!

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Melissa said...

The booth looks fabulous!! WOW!! Well done, lady! You have such style and panache...!