Monday, May 4, 2009

Wedding Nightmares or "Weddingmares"

During meetings I always ask my clients what their "Weddingmares" are and lately I seem to be showing up in them. I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Good, because I'm obviously a big part in of wedding planning world, yet bad because they're still having wedding nightmares! I'm not going to be too concerned about that though because we ALL have them. I have some Weddingmares of my own. Two nights ago I dreamed that one of my upcoming weddings was a complete wreck--the guests were unhappy and hungry, the linens were wrong, and the band was horrible. Ack! I rolled out of bed, scribbled down a list of notes to myself, and then crawled back in bed with my husband and proceeded to sleep in. Ahh....

The dreams are so crazy and while I get a kick out of hearing about my clients dreams, I feel for them because the dreams can raise high anxiety levels even higher. Know that these dreams are normal and even us professional get them. Yes, there is alot of pressure riding on this one day, but it is going to be great. Your wedding is not going to suck, you won't forget your dress, and your guests are going to show up! Just keep a notebook by your bed so you can scribble notes to yourself when a Weddingmare wakes you up, and then return to the beauty rest that you so deserve.

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