Sunday, June 28, 2009

Details are great, but don't forget the big picture!

I adore the gorgeous design websites ala Style Me Pretty, Snippet & Ink, and Elizabeth Anne Designs, and like you can't get enough of the pretty pictures, but as you are planning your wedding, make sure that you are looking at your wedding from a purely logistical standpoint and to make sure that the day will flow correctly and the guests will be comfortable. You could design the prettiest wedding in the world with the cutest favors ever imagined, but if the venue is impossible to find, parking a nightmare, caterer understaffed because of budget constraints, the blazing sunny ceremony site does not have shade or water, or there is one bathroom for 100 people, the hours you poured into the tiny details don't really mean as much.

Make sure you spend as much time thinking big as you do thinking about the details, details, details.

I know how hard it is to focus on everything at once. I consider myself a fairly creative person, but I can get bogged down in the logistics of each wedding. I recommend making sure that the who, what, why, when, where, how are asked about every aspect of the day.

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