Thursday, June 18, 2009

Westlake Village Inn, Universal Hilton, and Universal Sheraton--all in one week!

On Sunday I had the honor of coordinating Nick & Emily's wedding the Westlake Village Inn. Since Nick is in his doctorate program and Emily just finished her doctorate, they were both completely busy and allowed Emily's mother and myself to plan the wedding. Emily's mom lives in Kansas and even though we did most planning over the phone, we were on the same wavelength regarding design, flow, etc. and had a blast planning together. Such a wonderful family!

Once I receive the images from the talented Veronica Puleo of I will post a full recap of the wedding.

Today I am gearing up for a two day Indian/American wedding that will be taking place at the Universal Hilton on Friday and the Universal Sheraton on Saturday. I love mixed culture weddings! This wedding I am actually working as a lead for one of my fellow coordinators, the fabulous Mimi Flowers of Mimi Events, as she has a wedding out of town. It's not uncommon for vendors in the wedding industry to help each other out like this--Photographers, DJ's, Florists, etc will work other weddings when they have an open weekend. It's challenging to walk into a situation with new assistants and vendors that I haven't worked with and run a smooth event, but it keeps me sharp!

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