Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Insurance

photo taken from real crash

We all see this picture everywhere. And the wedding industry is not exempt from what is happening this year. Every day I hear about a business closing down and every week I get emails from contacts that I have in the industry asking if I know of any leads for a new job because they have been laid off. Lately there has been rumor of a large, popular hotel in the LA area going bankrupt. If this rumor is true, all of the brides who have weddings booked there, save the ones who have wedding insurance, will lose their deposit. This venue is expensive and the deposit alone is in the tens of thousands of dollars. OUCH.

As you are planning your wedding, keep in mind that your wedding is made up of 10 or so different businesses all bearing the weight of the wedding in different areas. Things could happen with one or more of those vendors and you should have a Plan B if chips start falling.

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Paige said...

good advice, thanks again for sharing your wonderful knowledge.

Adam said...

In the current economic climate with so many businesses going bankrupt it's certainly worth thinking about wedding insurance. Whilst wedding insurance won't stop them from going bust, it'll ensure you're not left out of pocket.