Monday, September 21, 2009

A Hair & Makeup Artist's Perspective: Mariah Nicole Hair and Makeup Artistry

I refer all of my brides to Mariah Nicole of Mariah Nicole Hair and Makeup Artistry. Not only does she do a great job to make my beautiful brides look their absolute best on their wedding day, I can sleep peacefully knowing that she is going to show up on time, stay on the Timeline, make the bride look fabulous, and keep our bride calm and happy. Cutting to the chase: she's a professional, and working with a professional is always the best way to go. Mariah took some time to answer questions for me today. Enjoy!

Q. Who are you and what makes you fabulous?

A. I am Mariah Nicole, hair and makeup artist to you and the stars! What makes me fabulous is how fabulous I make all my clients look whatever the age or skin color or occasion or event

Q. What is it like working a wedding WITHOUT a wedding coordinator?

A. I always freak out when the bride doesn't have a coordinator. I usually try to talk them into hiring someone for at least day of, and tell the bride she will see more premature greys if she doesn't!

Q. What makes a coordinator good?

A. I love it when the coordinator sends me the location and arrival information-- no really, I've actually been left out of the loop. I know a coordinator is good when she is hands-on with me about the prep time because that sets the tone and pace of the day; when she has an emergency kit; when she schedules cushion room between segments to allow for hick-ups; and especially when she and her crew wear black and Mission Impossible headsets.

Q. Do you have any funny wedding stories?

A. The oddest requests I've had as a makeup artist are:

1. Glue the bride's ears to the side of her head because she wanted an up-do but had little protruding ears

2. conceal two black-eyes for the Best Man

3. A request for me to not wear any makeup, do my hair, or look "too" pretty. (editor's note: WOW. Just wow.)

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