Monday, October 12, 2009

A Videographer's Perspective: Isabel Gonzalez

I have to admit, I kind of heart Isabel Gonzalez of Isabel Gonzales Videotique just because she is a girl. Kind of like I love meeting a female mechanic or machinist cause I just adore women that break the stereotypes of what jobs we are expected to have. I hardly know any other women videographers other than Isabel. Oh, and I also heart her because she's awesome at what she does and she's an awesome person. Should I a say awesome one more time? Anyway, Isabel took some time from editing weddings (at least 2 of my client's weddings for sure) to answer my questions. Enjoy!

Q. Who Are You And What Makes You Fabulous?

A. Ah, a question that begs to be answered like a true Gen X’er: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, etc, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t cleanly fall into any of these categories so I shall create my own … my name is Isabel Gonzalez and I make chick flicks of the awesomest kind – I’m a wedding videographer … also known as wedding filmmaker, storyteller, etc. I try not to get too caught up in titles, after all, for me it’s not about the title but about the product.

I capture moving (in a motion as well as emotional way) images on a day like no other, where every single moment either leads up to or is a result of a masterful union. The creation: a love story unlike any other. Typically there are 30 frames per second of video. If a photo is worth a thousand words then what does that say about video or film? … it speaks volumes I tell you!

So what is it that makes me fabulous? I would say it’s not me as much as it is about the moments I have the opportunity to record – they are fabulous. Me? Fabulous? I’d rather say lucky … empathetic … a romantic … skilled. Fabulous? I wouldn’t say that but I won’t stop you if you did. ;)

Q. What Is It Like Working A Wedding WITHOUT A Wedding Coordinator?

A. Number one focus for the bride should be the groom. Number one focus for the groom, the bride – relishing every moment that happens between them, their friends and family and enjoying the festivities.

When a bride and groom take on the role of coordinator themselves, many of those special moments take a back seat to all the time-consuming details of the day. Although the details are important, it makes for unnecessary distraction.

Often I’ve seen coordinator-less weddings … what I also inevitably see: a bride that is being asked a plethora of questions on a day that is already emotion-filled. Why add stress to the equation? Fast-moving train … no conductor … get it?

Q. What Makes A Coordinator Good?

A. A sense of calm. Attention to detail. Empathy. Style. Plays well with others. Juggling abilities (red nose optional).

A talent that I respect each and every time is the ability to handle unexpected and unwelcome situations that arise and to take care of them without anyone, especially the happy couple, ever knowing it happened. Now that’s a pro!

Q. Do You Have Any Funny Wedding Stories?

A. Brides: imagine this. You’re walking down your rose-petalled aisle towards your betrothed. You see him catch his breath as he sees you for the first time. Is that the glimmer of a tear in his eye? But what if that special someone that’s walking down the aisle changes their mind at the last moment?

Well, that’s what happened when Felix decided he didn’t want to walk Sofia down the aisle towards James. Felix decided he was going to his sit his hairy butt right down on the aisle. Of course, Felix was Sofia’s cat and he had no intention of walking his dear owner down. It’s not like the bride didn’t try to convince him. She dragged Felix several feet but after a few gentle tugs on his collar, decided Felix wouldn’t be pawing Sofia over to James.

Felix obtusely sat the rest of the ceremony and reception out on his tall custom-made chair. As sad as it is to say, although rare, not all family members will applaud and approve of your joys.

Happy note: Felix has since grown to love James and they all now share a very happy home together.

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