Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trouser Tale

I’m a big, big believer in padding the Timeline on the wedding day because you never know what is going to happen on the day itself. Saturday’s wedding was a perfect example of that.

Ben and Beth’s wedding at the historic Huron Substation in Los Angeles was incredible and I cannot wait to blog about it once the pictures are back, but I have to share this story (with my client’s permission, of course!) about what happened behind the scenes.

Ben, my lovely British groom showed up exactly on time in order to get changed into his  suit for the first look and romantic pictures. Beth, my lovely bride, was in another room listening to her iPod to calm her nerves as her hair and makeup were being finished. Photographers were in place, set-up was still in full swing, and we were one hour from guest arrival.

Ben walked out of his changing room still in his jeans with a look of horror on his face as he held a pair of black slacks in his hand “These are Beth’s!” he said. “I grabbed the wrong trousers from the dry-cleaning bag!”. Oh no.  It was 2:30 and our outdoor ceremony was scheduled to start at 4:15 PM due to the fact that it would be dark by 4:45 PM. We HAD to get all pictures taken before the ceremony…or else.

Things like this happen ALL of the time, so I'm pretty quick to react. Within three minutes my wonderful intern Sacha had house keys and directions as to where the correct trousers were in Ben’s closet and she was in the car heading the 14 miles to Sherman Oaks. In Saturday traffic. I told Ben I’d see what I could do to find him another pair of slacks temporarily but worst-case scenario he would need to have his jacket, tie, and jeans on and the photographer would take all photos from the waist up. Limiting, yes, but you gotta do what you gotta do in circumstances such as these.

Thankfully, our wonderful, wonderful site manager the one and only J. Loop Haro of TACT Event Management saved the day! Loop does set up in jeans and a t-shirt but brings a suit to wear when guests arrived. He is so tactful, that Loop! We gave Ben Loop’s slacks and told him we weren’t going to tell Beth as to not stress her out we’d have his slacks to him before the ceremony. Aside from the slacks being about 1.5” too short, Ben looked dashing and ready to see his gorgeous bride.  Photos were completed on time and at 4:00 PM Sacha came flying through the door with the correct slacks. Success! 

Beth never knew about the adventure until later in the evening when Ben told the funny story during his toast and thanked the vendors that came to the rescue. These are the stories that pop into mind when I tell my clients “you never know what will happen, so we need to make sure we have plenty of time on the wedding day to get everything done!”

**Post Script: it’s been hard to not use the word “pants “in this blog post, but due to the fact that Ben is British and pants are short for underpants to him, I decided to be tactful and omit that word!

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Carolyn Troadec said...

And with a little Photoshop, we'll get those pants a little longer :)