Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amber Events featured expert on "Survive Wedding Season"

Today, an article I wrote about affordable wedding gifts, is featured on the website "Survive Wedding Season" . Enjoy!

Expert Survival Tip: Wedding Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Ah, wedding season! The invitations start rolling in, each more beautiful than the one before! You RSVP yes, mark your calendar, and then ask the Maid of Honor where the happy couple is registered. Nordstrom? Of course; the place where the cheapest pair of socks is like $12.99.
If the question foremost on your mind this season is how you are going to afford to give nice gifts, then this article is for you. Each gift listed below is under $30.00.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Vintage Handkerchief

Every Bride should have a cloth hankie to use when she walks down the aisle. For $6-12 at an antique store you can find clean, gorgeous, white handkerchiefs with handmade tatting or lace trim. Many times they are monogrammed and you can find one with her initial or the initial of her new last name. Take it a bit further and embroider her wedding date on one corner in either white or pale blue thread. Even if you can’t sew, just Google “embroidery stitch” for step-by-step instructions.


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Anonymous said...

YOU ARE THE BEST!! I love your gift ideas~ SO personable and affordable. How did you get to be SO smart!
love, Mom