Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Wine Blog

Tonight's blog is brought to you by an earthy, heavy, ripe 2007 Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon. This bottle was not given to me by any of my clients, unlike my previous two random wine blogs, but was purchased last night from Vons as I was buying groceries to satiate the chili I was craving. It was raining and chili was my recipe for satisfaction. And Miller Lite. It was good chili last night, but even better today. Tomorrow, it will take over the world. My secret? Jalapenos and Apple Cider Vinegar.

On to the Randomness!

  • "Chronicles of Nathan"  update: my brother who is living in a 20' sailboat with his dog Mattie is still alive and now in the Gulf of Mexico. While docking for a few weeks in New Iberia, LA, he was featured in a newspaper article and (in my mind) is now getting famous.
  • If you are in the least bit interested in gorgeous costumes, period dramas, the British Monarchy, Emily Blunt, or romantic love stories, do yourself a favor and go see "The Young Victoria". Krista and I both looooved it.
  • The other night my husband and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when he leaned forward to pick something up from the coffee table as I was lifting my glass of wine. His elbow came back and perfectly hit my glass making wine splash across my entire face from my glasses to my shirt. I sat in stunned silence as he lept of the couch and ran to the next room. To get me a towel? No. To get his iPhone to take a picture of dark red wine dripping off of every part of me. I think my yelling "STINGING! MY! EYES! GET! TOWEL! NOW!" registered with him after a moment and a picture was not taken. I kind of regret not having a photo of that. He was on the right path until I screamed at him.
  • You know those chain letters you got when you were a kid from the orphans in Russia who started that letter in 1986 and it hadn't been broken in 5 years and all you had to do was write 5 letters to the people on the list? Yeah. I broke that. Like 8 times. I also break the chain letter for recipes, flip flops, post cards, and panties. You might not want to send chain letters to me if you want any of these items.
  • Jewish temples in LA have security guards who check your name off of a list before they let you in. I figured my friends back home in Arkansas would be intruiged by that fact.
  • Watch "The Millionaire Matchmaker" on Bravo on February 2nd. You might see a familiar looking redhead.
  • My new branding (website, logo, headshots, blog) are looking awesome and I can't wait to share!
  • I love framing things in shadow boxes. I'm currently framing my Grandmother's First Communion Prayer Book next to a picture of her when she was six. It's so precious. Does this make me old?
  • My cat Milton has decided it's against the law to sleep in anymore. Even the one day a month I can actually do it. Not. Cool.

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Amy T Schubert said...

I think Jewish temples in a lot of places have lists. For security. I've heard in Turkey if you want to visit a historic synagogue you have to make a months-in-advance appt.

p.s. I also break chain letters. And I'm ALWAYS the one "least likely to fill out this survey" :)