Monday, February 22, 2010

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When on earth are you supposed to do table visit at the reception!? ...and eat too! We get served first, however I'm doing the math and if we visited all 20 tables it will take at least 1 hour alone. Not to mention our slideshow. Help! :)

Yes, if you plan to visit every table during dinner, you will more than likely not have time to eat.

I recommend this:

-See each other before the ceremony to do all of your photos. That way you can join the cocktail hour and greet a number of your guests there.

-Show the slideshow before dinner as you are seated and DO NOT get up until you eat! You have to eat at your reception or you'll forever regret it.

-Make it to the tables of the elderly family/guests first as they are the ones who will be offended if you do not visit their table.

-Let your younger friends/coworker know that you'll meet them on the dancefloor.

-Don't pressure yourself to make it to all of the tables, just the elderly guest's tables. And don't attempt to take a table photo at each table, especially if you're having tall centerpieces as they have to be taken off and that takes more time.

Good luck and enjoy your wedding!

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