Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Wine Blog: why isn't life a musical?

Tonight's random wine blog is brought to you by a very pretty bottle (I'm partial to pretty packaging) of a 2008 French Valreas "Cuvee Prestige" from Cotes Du Rhone Villages. That was is very fancy way of saying that this is a bottle of red table wine. It tastes a bit like really creamy fantastic cheeses and fancy crackers. Totally lame way to describe a bottle of wine, I know, but it tastes like good cheese to me. And that's a good thing.

On to the Randomness:
  • I just finished working out and watching the musical Mama Mia at the same time. And by work out I mean jump around in my living room like a fool until I start sweating. It's fun as long as no one but my cats is around to see this craziness. I don't even do this "work out" in front of my husband.
  • I have no idea how I've never watch this version with Meryl Streep? Oh, right, my husband hates musicals, that's why.  I've saw Mama Mia musical live at the Pantages Theater years ago and of course, loved it. This movie is better than the live musical, and now I love Meryl Streep even more. 
  • I wish life was a musical.
  • The scenery of the Greek Islands in Mama Mia was  so beautiful and it really made me want to go back. A few years ago the husband and I spent a week on a yacht in the Dodecanese islands with a small group of travelers. My favorite day of that week was the day we rented mopeds on the island of Leros and rode up to the top of the island past the windmills to the old castle. I'd never driven my own moped and kind of lied (well, ok, I totally lied) and said that I had driven before because I wanted my own. It was awesome! I didn't wreck anything or kill myself. We had the best pizza that night on a little rocky beach at a perfect Greek Tavern.  The only way that day could have been better would be if we had all broken out into spontaneous choreographed song and dance.
  • I was on Millionaire Matchmaker last week. I blogged about it.
  • The other night one of my girlfriends was driving us to get frozen yogurt and we were pulled over. We had no idea what she was doing wrong until the officer told her her plates were expired. She opened her big blue eyes wider and told him she had her registration sticker, but it was still in the glove box, not the license place like it was supposed to be. After collecting insurance, driver's license, and registration, the officer gave her a "fix it" ticket and told her she had to put the sticker on her car and take it to the police station to show them she had the sticker on. Then he asked her if she had any questions? I said "Yes, will you put the sticker on plates for us?" And he did. He still gave her a ticket though. 
  • Chronicles of Nathan update: my older brother, who is living on a 20' sailboat with a stray dog named Mattie, was honestly shipwrecked on an island off of the Mississippi coast in a storm and had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard in full "The Guardian"  (have you seen that movie? Hello, Ashton Kutcher's biceps!) fashion, complete with a swimmer jumping from a helicopter and putting Nate and his dog in a basket. I am not making this up. Thankfully, his boat, The Waltzing Matilda, wasn't destroyed in the storm and my brother was able to get her towed back to a marina a few days later. And Nate and Mattie were in the news again.
  • I'm cannot get over how funny it is to type a word into Google to see what Google thinks I am trying to find, based on what other people are Googling.  It is hi.lar.i.ous. Below is what popped up when I typed in who, what, why, I kid you not. Seriously, try it:


Anonymous said...

I noticed that who's on first.

Barbra said...

You know, I was in EVERY musical my high school put on during my four years there. I wanted my life to be like the musicals too!! I work with an older gal (the secretary at the hospice home) who will break out in harmony and coreography anytime I 'feel the groove'!! It's great~ "Hospice~the musical!!"