Thursday, April 22, 2010

Appropriate Attire for weddings

Like most women, when I get an fancy schmancy invitation to a fabulous fete, my first thought is "what will I wear?" and like most ladies, a wedding invitation sends my mind down the path of sassy shimmery cocktail dresses and strappy saucy shoes.  However, many, many venues (the best ones, actually) in SoCal consist of mountaintop gardens with pebble pathways, grassy lawns, sand, or desert rocks.

At the outdoor weddings that I work, almost all of the women are dressed flawlessly and are tip toeing through the grass/pebbles/sand/rocky terrain with a pained look on their face.  Not only are they uncomfortable, they are ruining their shoes. And their champagne buzz as they try to not fall over or break their ankle on the (dimly lit) pathway. And when the sun goes down they're freezing in their strapless chiffon dress.

Brides: you need to let your guests know what to expect and how to dress for your wedding. I know you are going to wear you 5" heels come hell or high water, but most likely your guests want the option of that.  Tell them to wear sensible shoes, bring backups, or provide flip flops at the guest book table. Tell them to bring a wrap or provide heat lamps every 5 feet and an outdoor fireplace.

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