Saturday, June 12, 2010

My 9th Wedding Anniversary

So Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary. We feel that for being married for this long we should be in our 40's, not our early 30's. Guess that's what happens when you marry young!

Since we weren't able to head out of town for the weekend due to weddings, Wednesday I turned all electronics off so I (we) could actually enjoy the day. Eric planned the early part of the day, and I planned the evening. It made for a fun filled and very "us" kind of day! Eric packed a picnic lunch and some beer and we went up to the San Bernadino Mountains and went gold panning. Yes, you read that right. Eric's been reading about gold panning, and apparently, with gold at an all time high, so are a lot of other people. The valley that we hiked into to pan has still active mines and people that live on the river panning for gold. How very 1849. We had a great time! I enjoyed the hike and soaking my feet in the cold river. I get bored easily though, so (the few) gold flakes were found by Eric, not me.

Anniversary 1

After coming home we showered, put on nice clothes, and were picked up in a towncar (thanks, Crown Limo!) and headed down to our dinner reservations at Church and State in downtown LA. Gooood French food! And good French wine. We were running a bit too close to our show time to get the strawberry crumble I was eying, but everything was fantastic.

Below is a picture of Eric's prison tat  wedding ring tattoo he got in Laos. After 8 years of my nagging him about not wearing his wedding ring, he finally appeased me! I had to take the cheesy ring shot.

Anniversary 2

After dinner we headed over to the insanely gorgeous Orpheum Theater for LA Conservancy's showing of American Graffiti. That theater was esquisite and thanks to the LA Conservancy we still get to enjoy it on special occasions. We'd both never seen American Graffiti, and thought that it was good, albeit long (or maybe that was all of the sun, rich food, and wine from the day?)

It was a lovely day! Looking forward to 9+ more years with my man!

Anniversary 3


Wildcat Creek Review said...

And many, many more good years. Love, Dad

Cassie said... said...

I can't believe it's been 9 years since I danced at your wedding 5 HUGE months preggers!