Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The "B" word

Years ago when I was planning my wedding, I crossed that line. I turned into Bridezilla/Brat/B***h, whatever you want to call it. The conversation went something like this:

Jodi: "Hey, Amber, I know you asked us bridesmaids to wear our hair up for your wedding, but I feel so much prettier with it down. Can I wear my hair down, especially since it's so short that it's hard to put up?"

Me (in a syrupy passive aggressive voice) : "Weeeeell, NO. I really want all of you girls to look cohesive, and I think it will look better up."

Not long after my wedding I realized what a bratty thing that was to do. Why in the world did it matter? Why shouldn't I have let my friend do her hair the way she wanted to? The way that made her feel pretty?

Because it was "MY" day.  And honestly? I'll I'm still embarrassed for treating my friend like that.

As you go through this madhouse called wedding planning, whenever you are about to blow up about something, ask yourself if you are going to regret it later down the road?

And for an awesome real bride's post-wedding thoughts on self-proclaimed Bridezilla, read this post on Beth Helmstetter's blog.

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