Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random wine blog: cat allergies, the devil's cellar, Christmas, art deco, crafts, fundraisers, and Newsies!

It's been quite a while since I've had the time to enjoy a glass (or thr....two) of wine and my blog at the same time. But the dust of moving finally settled around us, and aside from random boxes that we throw into the garage, we're pretty much unpacked. And aside from the shots that we have to give our cat Milton from his anxiety induced allergy attacks. And my teenager-esque skin outbreak from the stress of moving during wedding season.  But it was woooorth it! Below is a sneak peek at my new office. Precious!

So tonight's blog is brought to you by a 2008 wine from Chile: Casillero del Diablo. This $10 gem from Trader Joe's is hands down one of our favorite affordable wines. It's rich, fruity, and a bit spicy.  And apparently, from the translation of the name, it's also from the devil's cellar, so that could be either a good thing or a bad thing...

On to the randomness!

  • Disclaimer for my wine blogs: for those of you just joining us, know that I never, evah drink at weddings or even with my clients. This series is just how I justify talk about my personal life on my blog. I drink wine and post things that amuse me.
  • I'm in love with our new house. Even though I don't want this year to go by faster than it already is, I'm already daydreaming about how I'm going to decorate it for Christmas. I think I need to start saving for those Christmas decorations. The garland across the picket fence with the wreath at each post is not going to be cheap.
  • My parents booked a last minute visit last weekend and thankfully I didn't have a wedding and was able to spend some quality time with them. Saturday was my day so I planned a walking trip of some of the art deco buildings in downtown LA and lunch at Cole's. My parents loved it, especially the Oviatt building as I arranged for a tour of the Oviatt Penthouse. Sunday was my sister's day and we attended the fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association that she threw at the fancy pantsy assisted living facility she is the marketing director for. I bought won some super cute crocheted purses in the auction. So I'm a wedding planner, sister works in assisted living, and mom works in hospice. At one point my mom said "we marry, carry, 'n bury em, girls!". There is no doubt where I get my humor from.
  • I know I've said this before, but below is proof. My husband is crazy talented. Check out the bookshelf he made for my office and the table he made for our patio---both from old doors.   
  •  While I'm talented, I'm not as talented as my husband, but I'm pleased as punch with the curtains I sewed for our kitchen out of three Anthropologie tea towls. Probably the most expensive kitchen curtains I've ever owned as those things are $20 each, but they're so damn cute I can't help myself.
  • Tomorrow is our 9 year wedding anniversary. It is CRAZY to think we've been married that long. Time flies when you're having fun! We have a whole day of activities planned and I'm going dark and turning off all electronics so I can focus on him and us the entire day. Will report back.
  • If you love the musical Newsies! and Lady Gaga as much as I do, you're gonna eat this up:
My husband is an awesome drummer, but this guy takes the cake. It's long, but worth it!


Bowie Bride said...

HA! I love this. And btw, I'm blogging and drinking wine too. We clearly RAWK.

A Los Angeles Love said...

That's a pretty amazing office. And I'm also jealous of the carpentry and sewing skills on display. And of my wine-less evening.

Congratulations on 9 years. Savor your day off.

Amber Events said...

Thanks so much, Brit & Becca! Our day was wonderful and I really felt like I was on vacation as I was unplugged and focused on him!

hunter valley wine said...

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