Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm tickled pink

One of the benefits of working in the wedding industry is the fact that I become friends with a lot of the people I work with. So when I need/want pictures taken, it costs me a bottle of wine and dinner. In return, I get lovely images and a good company.

The lovely and talented Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography took the following film images of my new office for me. The office isn't totally finished yet---I plan to fill the wall over the bench with know, because I'm a professional timekeeper. Professionally. In my personal life, I'm 15 minutes late to everything.

Amber Events

Since I'm meeting clients in my home, I added signeage in the hallway where my office is located. Custom made by the talented Darlene of The Back Porch Shoppe on, the signs make me smile every time I see them, especially the sign on our bedroom door. Darlene makes awesome signage for weddings and I love using her stuff.

Custom Signs

Suthi also snapped some pictures of me and my handsome husband. I think we have our Christmas card photo all set this year.

Amber and Eric


Brian Callaway said...

Your office is sooo beautiful! WOW! Will you come over and design ours?

Esther said...

Hi Amber,
Just came across your blog and LOVE what you did with your office space. I also watched your video on your website too! I personally haven't worked at Viviana before but after watching you in action, it makes me NOT want to work there! lol! Keep up the great work!!!

Juliet Douglas said...

Amber, your office is so lovely and totally YOU! I love that you're reading the Wedding Etiquette book upside down. ;)

Cassie said... said...

I love love love pink! Not a lot of it on my house these days!

A Los Angeles Love said...

I don't even love pink, and yet I still want to move into your office. Gorgeous.

And that photo of you and your husband? Also gorgeous.

Suthi Picotte said...

I love the photos you chose and the layout, Amber! XOXO!

Amber Events said...

Thanks for the kind words, all! It's been a fun project and I'm still amused that I chose pink, because my business colors are red and gray and I'm pretty much obsessed with the color red. But this office told me it needed to be pink and white. And precious.

Mike Landry said...

Office looks great!