Thursday, July 22, 2010

Protect your guests

I've been hearing rumblings through the grapevine lately about brides not wanting to have umbrellas for their outdoor summertime ceremonies, because market umbrellas will look ugly interfere with their pictures and paper parasols are expensive.  For anyone thinking that that is reading this blog, haven't you ever been a guest at a wedding where you sat in the blistering heat and burned during the ceremony? You get sweaty, squinty, burned, and parched (if there is no water provided) and it is NOT FUN. Uncomfortable guests will have unhappy memories of your wedding day, you know.

Please consider your guests comfort when planning your wedding. Rented market umbrellas or paper parasols can go a long, loooong way to ensure that your guests enjoy your day too. And always, alway provide water for your guest before the ceremony.

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Eva said...

If you go to Chinatown and negotiate, you can get those paper parasols for pretty cheap. I think we got the ones shown in the photo down to $2-3 a piece! They also have a lot of colors to coordinate with your scheme.