Monday, August 2, 2010

Bride Wrangling

Bride wrangling is kind of like herding cats: it's a made up phrase. When I'm feeling fancy, I use the term "Bridal Attendant" or "Lady in Waiting". But in all actuality that girl following the bride around with her lip gloss and a Timeline is a Bride Wrangler. And she is extremely valuable to the bride and to me, although the bride doesn't really recognize that until the end of the day. While I'm overseeing set up, Bride Wrangler gently keeps my bride on schedule so all my bride needs to worry about is being beautiful and happy. Bride Wrangler is also in constant contact with me and alerts me when there is a problem with the bouquet, the dress, or the mom. Bride Wrangler sometimes has to operate as a Photographer Wrangler when when we have an exceedingly artistic (read: forever running behind) photographer who can't keep a Timeline to save his or her life.

This is kind of what we do:

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Hah! That is so perfect! I feel like that too at my events. :)