Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Courthouse Wedding: Suzy and Dan

Suzy told me in her first email to me that she’d be following my blog and thought I was fabulous. Of course, I immediately thought that she was herself. THEN she told me their story and there was no question about it. She and Dan met three years ago when they were both law clerks at a courthouse here in SoCal. They fell in love that summer and were now being married at that same courthouse, by the two judges that they were clerking for then. Hello awesome story! And hello unique venue! The day that we did a walk-through at the courthouse with the caterer we temporarily got locked in the dungeon basement as we were looking for the load-in dock. All part of the glitzy gig sometimes.

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful rose garden out front of the courthouse, the cocktail hour held in the judges’ dining room, and the reception held upstairs in the conference room. That reception ROCKED that conference room and the guests partied hard to DJ Nahchey’s tunes. I bet that courthouse hadn’t seen that kind of activity since it was a hotel back in the early 1900’s. I’m sure the ghosts enjoyed it (more than 3 security guards told me ghost sighting stories that night) as well. It was such a perfect full circle for such an amazing couple.

Congratulations, Suzy and Dan!

The team that made it happen:
Wedding Planning: Amber Events
Photography: Callaway Gable
Catering: Huntington Catering
Floral: Peony and Plum
Reception Music: DJ Nahchey of Dash Entertainment
Ceremony & Cocktail hour music: Eric Brown of  Ceremony Tunes
Bridal Beauty: Susie Chhuor
A special thanks to my assistants that day: Michell, Sacha and Neusha!


Andrea said...

I'm crazy about those pops of orange -- her shoes! So charming and really cool. Must have been a great night.

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