Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random updates

I was totally called out about my blog the other day. A friend told me I really needed to update it with some more personal stuff. She said it'd been almost 2 months since one of my infamous wine posts, but considering 3 weeks of that I went completely almost without wine for a cleanse, I was kind of in mourning and not feeling like blogging.

Sans wine today, but updates about goings on in my world:

On the business front:

  • Last Saturday was my final wedding for 2010 and I am tuckered out and looking forward to a few months of wedding-free weekends. It was a GREAT year and I had the privilege of working with some great brides, grooms, and vendors. 2011 is shaping up nicely as well, although I won't be taking on as many weddings due to some personal financial goals my husband and I were able to hit this year making it so I don't have to take on as many weddings.
  • At last Saturday's wedding I totally tumbled down a flight of stairs during set up. This was same the flight of stairs that my bride was to walk down alone to meet her parents at the bottom before going up to the Chuppah, and understandably, she was freaked out about the steps. I lost my footing as I was headed down them and as I tumbled down and my shoes flew off I was thinking: "please, legs, don't break! We have a wedding to run!". I didn't tell my bride until AFTER the wedding that I took the fall for her. She was so grateful. Thankfully, nothing was injured but my ego.
  • I'm working on my annual holiday collage photo from weddings throughout the year and it's going to be fun to send out. Good memories from the year!
On the personal front:
  • My husband and I adopted a dog from a shelter about six weeks ago. Rita looks like a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy, but she is full grown. She is a DOLL and we adore her. Our cats are kind of in love with her too. How cute is this face?!?!
side note: she is standing on a bookshelf that my husband made. He thought it'd be cute to put her on it. I think he was right.
  • It's Christmas time!!! Christmas is my faaaaavorite time of year and I actually get a bit depressed in January when I have to take down the sparkles and lights. I love the food, the music, the parties, the gift giving, and of course, the sparkles. May I present, our trees:
  • I'm excited to see my family for Christmas AND Thanksgiving this year. That's pretty rare, but this year we're making it happen. We went to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my mom's family, and we're going home to Arkansas for Christmas. Both are short trips, but it's always so wonderful going home. 
  • After skipping 2009 and feeling guilty about it for all of 2010, I just finished and sent out our Christmas letter to family. Yay, me!
  • Our India trip is booked! Most of February will be spent in India and I'm so excited about it!

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Andrea @ Superfine Bakery said...

Okay, I'm so in love with your sweet goggie. So adorable! And what a face!! I would have adopted her too -- in a heartbeat. I think I'm going to make her my second 'digital dog'.... :)