Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When in doubt, adorn

I truly cannot count how many times this has happened: it's about two hours before wedding and the family starts arriving in a frenzy of excitement to take the family photos. I or an assistant walks around with a box of corsages and boutonnieres to pin them to lapels and dresses. The box gets emptied out with each flower going to their prospective owner.....but then I notice: grandma, or dad, or the groom's mom does not have one. I quickly review the floral contract to see who is listed to make sure that neither I nor the florist has made an error on the count. Nope. It was correct, but the bride miscounted or forgot said relative. I can understand how easy it is to overlook people, and in the big scheme of things, how important is that flower, really? To a parent or grandparent, the answer is: really friggin important. It's even worse when that person catches it before I do.

If the florist is still there, I run to them and beg them to make (for free) another corsage or boutonniere, but they are time consuming little buggers and it takes about 15 minutes to make. If the florist has already left the property, I go into the reception and snap off a flower from a centerpiece (sorry, florists!) in order to have something to quickly pin to dad's lapel. My brides never know about this, as it's a problem I immediately solve. But it's a stressful situation to be in, and to the family member that has lost the floral musical chairs, it is embarrassing and downright offensive. To them, it is so much more than just a boutonniere, it is badge of honor that says "I am an important person to the bride and groom".

Brides, when you're placing your floral order, count carefully, order an extra, or when in doubt: adorn.

photo by Next Exit Photography


Cassie said... said...

you are so right! I told a friend buy 3 extra boys and 2 ladies...that way you don't have to worry if you forgot someone or at the last minute want to add someone special. We used all but 1! She had forgotten his great grandma and her own step dad and step brother! She also gave me one since I did the pics (sweet) and the pastor.

DJ_LoW said...

Very good advice. It is what seems like the little things, that can make or break a wedding. Have seen brides freak out over the smallest details.

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