Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, my name is Amber and I'm an iPhone addict

Every summer my husband and I go camping up in the Sequoias for four days to recharge and rejuvenate our souls. Along with soaring redwoods, a roaring river, spongy, mossy ground, fern bushes as tall as I am, and exciting wildlife to connect us back to nature...the thing I love the most? THERE IS NO CELL SIGNAL. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. That fact was almost detrimental years ago when we locked our keys in the car , but for the most part, it is heaven. It's wonderful because I'm horrifyingly addicted to my iPhone. As in, I've checked my email on a sailboat in Greece, in Paris at Versailles, in India after a camel ride, in restaurants bathrooms during dinner with my husband, and anywhere else I get signal. That is sick. I can't even sleep with my phone in my room because that slight buzz or ding! won't let me sleep until I check it.

But forcibly unplugging for four days? I love it because I have no choice about the matter. I don't split my attention when I'm up there because I'm tethered to this little black thing.

Recently in the wedding world, brides and grooms are starting to ask their guests to unplug for their ceremony or even the whole evening so that they can truly be present. I really like this idea. Offbeat Bride wrote a wonderful blog about the Unplugged Wedding as well as another blog about how to actually have an unplugged wedding.

I'd love to attend an unplugged wedding because I would have to turn off my nasty, beautiful little iPhone.

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Juliet Douglas said...

When I went on a cruise to Mexico for 7 days, I was forced to be unplugged too. My husband and I were SO relaxed. No computer or smartphones for one whole week. The second we got back to California, cell phones were turned back on instantly. It's a love/hate relationship!