Friday, July 22, 2011

Amber Events introduces: Nira DeLuna

My name is Nira DeLuna, and I am the other gal here at Amber Events. 

I have worked with Amber for over a year in making the magic happen for every wedding. I initially interned for Amber and have grown with her to the position I am in now. I'm currently at about 20 + weddings and I am waiting for the day to say I'm at 200+!

Photo by Andie Green Photography  (Andie happens to be a former Amber Events bride that we worked with last August! See her wedding on Style Me Pretty)

A bit about me:

  • I am originally from New Jersey (no fist pumping please) and moved to Los Angeles about six years ago. The warm sun, loss of my daily nasal allergies, and strong emotional bonds have kept me from going back. 
  •  My parents are from Venezuela, and I keep a huge part of that culture with me. I speak Spanish to my family each and every day in order to keep me grounded. 
  • I embrace cultures and languages, hence my attempt at learning French right now. 
  • I love exotic foods and recently realized I don't like sea urchin.
  • I have a fascination with all things European, and must be a hopeless romantic if I keep saying I will one day move to Paris. 
  •  I enjoy a glass a wine after a hard day at work. Actually, lets make that two please.
  • You may find me riding around town on my red beach cruiser bicycle that I named Florencia. She includes a very cute wicker basket good for bringing back french bread, brie cheese, and some peonies.
  • I love photography, and keep a collection of photos I just find awe inspiring.
  • I love Beauty and believe in Love, and know it can be found and cherished. 

You'll see me around every week for my postings on Photo Beauty-- my dedicated blurbs on all photos juicy, inspiring, and just plain beautiful!


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andie said...

yay!! you look beautiful! can't wait to read more!! xo