Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pretty Pictures- Childlike Discovery

Exploring the world as an adult can be challenging and scary. Making decisions to go here and there and to do this and that can lay heavy on an adult because we are responsible for everything we do. 
However as a child, we could just go for it! Getting dirty with finger paints, catching fire flies, ice cream stains on white dresses, and the ability to explore crevices of this earth without fear.

This is why this photograph by George Malets struck a chord with me. I remember being that kid with no thought of consequence and a sincere curiosity for the world. 

I was lucky to have a friend, Dana, come along on my many adventures. Exploring the woods and climbing across logs that fell over creeks. We would find withered piping, like in this photo, and dare one another to look inside. Our imagination was so vivid then!
However, I still must count my blessings, because as an adult, I am in an industry where I can continue to be creative and always think outside the box. 
I am extremely grateful for not being limited to a cubicle, and this photo is a pretty reminder of why that is so important to me.

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