Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty Pictures- Typewriter

I know Pearl Harbor wasn't the best of movies, but I am a sap for the aesthetics of that time period: the clothes, architecture, furniture, and classic look of their everyday items. This photo by Carmen Moreno captured the exact essence I'm talking about.
 Let's start with the shoes. Need I say more? The Mary Jane Oxford look is so timeless and classy. I need to find and add them to my own collection. The suit case on the floor, or perhaps the case for that typewriter is just as awesome. Actually pieces like this are great to add to a wedding. Guests can drop their cards in them!
  Oh and the typewriter! Well we used one even older than the one pictured for Summer and Julian's wedding (which, writer Julian used as a child). It was a great accent piece. I loved seeing guests typing messages out to the bride and groom. 

In the age of apple upgrades, seeing a vintage type writer actually type is a breath of fresh air. 

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