Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty Pictures: Ice Cool

Los Angeles is home to many unique hotels, but nothing can surmount the odd factor of the Ice Hotel.
The Ice Hotel is in the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweeden. Canbayram was able to photograph this impactful image of one of the rooms. The hotel is actually rebuilt every year due to forces of nature and it's natural ability to melt. However that hasn't stopped business as they are in their 22nd year! Unbelievable how the Ice Hotel began as a small igloo and how it has been able to expand to over 18,000 feet!

The concept came about when a group of tourists raved about their experience in a cylindrical igloo to a local entrepreneur. This entrepreneur monetized on the idea and worked with engineers, architects, and artists. They situated the hotel near the Torne River allowing them to gather water that can create the clearest looking ice: one of their trademarks.

The rooms in the Ice Hotel average a comfortable 23 degree Farenheit and brings world travelers from all walks of life. Most like to plan their trip to see the Northern Lights. A couple reviewers on Trip Advisor wrote:

"Don't bring your luggage into your room. It will literally freeze. Pay for a heated locker block"

"We made the mistake of choosing a double sleeping bag in the ice room. This may sound romantic but each time one of us moved it let cold air in and you can't pull the drawstring tight round two heads and still sleep. We would advise choosing two single sleeping bags"

Thank you folks. Advice noted as I add Ice Hotel to my list of future vacation destinations.

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