Monday, January 2, 2012

Amber says adios! (for a while)

My husband and I consider ourselves travelers. We try to not sound like those pretentious people who start every story with something like "...when we were trekking in the hill-tribes near Chiang  Mai..." , but travel is extremely important to us and it's made us the people we are.  We're forever dreaming about the places we're going to go to next and reminiscing about the places we've been and the people we've met.

Being self employed has its pros and cons in that technically, we could travel as much as we could afford to, but when you're self employed, you're forever hustling to get business. Not only are you not getting paid for the time that you're gone, but you're also missing out on the jobs that you could be booking at that time. He and I consider it worth it though. Tomorrow we leave for Peru for three and a half weeks!  These 3.5 weeks of travel coming up took me six months of prepping for as I had to block my calendar properly to ensure that everyone and everything is covered while I'm gone.  The blog will continue to have some exciting things thanks to some per-scheduled posts and my wonderful associate Nira!

So for now I'm taking off my high heels, putting on my hiking boots, and going out to explore the exciting world out there! Adios!

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