Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pretty Pictures: Temptation

The holiday season seems now, long gone. I reminisce all the good feelings and warm thoughts. The generosity and happiness seeping through our pores ... Sigh... Yet this is not always the case.  You and I alike are allotted our moments of greediness and temptation and I am sure we all had a moment or two of it. Hence my longer workout sessions these days.
I remember being so organized and having all my gifts done before Black Friday! Then, Black Friday rolls around, and I feel inclined to shop. For who? Well me of course!!!! Like many women who work hard, I said to myself, "I deserve this." It's kind of a greedy way to think I guess. I'm still not so sure of it myself. 
My finances don't really allow me to splurge the way I wish. After all, saving is very important this day in age.  As I look down the strip of high end stores and ready to seize them, I have a feeling of temptation to splurge. Can I do it? Yes. Should I. No. 
All creatures on this earth are tested the same way, as displayed here below by Anita Meezen.
This cute kitty, is so patiently savoring the idea of getting to that gold fish. Just as I stood gazing down at my empty arms.  I took a moment to imagine myself coming home with armfuls of goodies and do like the many other consumers that would pass me by.
Temptation is just a seizing few fleeting moments. If one actually took the time to stop and THINK, a lot of catastrophes in history would be avoided: like my maxed out credit card bills. 
Let's just say I was a good girl this past holiday season...Mr. Kitty however, I'm still not so sure.


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