Monday, February 27, 2012

Birthday photos

Wow, what a week! Along with Mark & Jessica's destination wedding in Mexico, they had a huge formal reception on Saturday night here in LA, and then my husband had a small birthday party for me on Sunday. One of my former brides turned friend, Andie Green, is a great photographer and she surprised me with these photos below. Thanks, Andie!

Me and my GORGEOUS husband

Andie and I

My baby Rita, the cutest dog in the world!

Rita and Andie's husband Doug

My gorgeous husband surprised me with Mariachi's!

Happy Amber

Me & my bestie Erin

Sandra and Nash(ito)

Stacey & baby Tyler

Me & Tyler


andie said...

I love it!!! Easy to take good pictures of hot people :)

brandon said...

great photos! Happy bday Amber!