Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty Pictures- City Life

I wish I could say I've traveled much. That I've been thru ruins and dangerous heights along with "Oh that reminds me of the time..." For me, it's not really like that. I've been to only a few places, but boy have they made an impact on me.
I came across this photo on Pinterest (yes my new found addiction) a few nights ago, and not only did I repin it but I saved it to my desktop! I really liked this message. It rang true to my heart. 

I've grown to love Los Angeles, the almost seven years I've been here. It's fresh and fun with so much variety! I have people around me that I care about and I have the places I frequent. Yet I remember the excitement I felt being new in the city.  I would wander the streets just to find a new coffee shop or a place to buy furniture for my new home. I wouldn't get stopped by my grade school teacher at the market or a friend's ex having to explain my sloppy appearance or what I'm doing with my life.  I could talk to who I wanted and absorb my surroundings, alone. It was freeing!!!
All through high school, I would experience the same freedom wandering the streets of NYC. Manhattan was my home away from home. I'm aware that there is only a river of separation, but I felt so anonymous yet comforted by being surrounded by so many people. I would take time to people watch and wonder what everyone's story was. Where were they going? Why they walking so fast? Who they talking to?
Nowadays I'm the one to go out but I'm almost never alone. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is ever looking at me and wondering the same thing. 

Craig Baldwin

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