Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Pictures- Almost Naked

When I put on an outfit, I intend on it staying that way till I get back home. Same with my hair and makeup, but the outside temperature will probably change my plans on that one. 
No really, a girl has pride in the way she puts herself together. Most of the time it's carefully thought out. Do these shoes go with this top? Will my belt clash with this purse? Etc Etc..
The moment we are pretty pleased with what we have on, is when we walk out the door.
However, what if our journey that day takes us to the airport? Ahhhhhhh!
The instance I'm in line to go thru security I automatically begin to think, what's the most efficient way of getting thru this line and not holding it up? I think to myself, Okay, laptop out, shoes off (what socks am I wearing?), sunglasses off, jacket off (what bra am I wearing?), Where's my ticket and passport? Does jewlery count? Wait separate bin for just the laptop?
I get through, after successfully holding a triangle over head, and being looked over like a criminal. Whew! I made it. Now here comes part two of the game: putting everything back on quickly while moving along. Limping along to the nearest chair to finish putting on my overly complicated shoes.
Oh why does TSA have to break me down so?


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