Friday, April 6, 2012

Wedding Industry Experts - Question # 6

Wedding Industry Experts asked this week: 

Q. What type of people make the best Wedding Event Planners or Wedding Designers?
A. A person who can be a chameleon but stay true to them self.
A person who can juggle multiple clients who all have different personalities and ways that they need to be treated.
A person who can work closely with vendors yet still maintain their loyalties to their clients.
A person who can handle client family issues and know when to shut their mouth and when to give advice.
A person who can know their value and not accept less than they know their worth.
A person who can figure out a way to balance out their personal and family life in order to prevent burnout.
A person who can ok with 14 hour days, intense manual labor, and the loss of weekends.
A person who possess tact, speed, composure, grace, propriety, intelligence, a backbone, a sense of humor, and incredibly thick skin.
A person who truly cares about people and provides the type of support that the client needs.
A person who knows that nobody is going to build a business or a career for them.
And a person who will work very, very hard. 

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