Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Websites and your privacy

I have saying that goes: "forget diamonds, GOOGLE is a girl's best friend" as I Google everyone I know and I tend to find out some fairly juicy stuff.  In fact, before I meet with potential clients I just google their first names + weddings and many, many times I find their wedding website and I browse around there for a while.

While it will take away some of my nosy fun, I mean this when I say: password protect your wedding websites, people! Why are you showing all of that information to the world?  There is an evil yet brilliant app called "Crash Corsage" that allows people to find out all info about the wedding that they can crash: location, time, name of bride & groom, name of their bridal party, etc.

I doubt your crashers would be as fun as these guys...

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