Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Best gift you can give your Best Friend!

Just like every woman NEEDS the perfect Little Black Dress, I feel that every woman needs her own toolkit. And not just any toolkit, mind you, but the Little Black Toolkit! I have this toolkit in sassy PINK! It accomplishes 2 things by being pink: (1) It makes me smile because it is fabulous and (2) The fact that it is pink prohibits my husband from stealing my tools! He’s lost too many of my screwdrivers and hammers in the past. Now, he has his tools, I have mine.

I received this pink toolkit as a gift when I started building my Wedding Day Emergency Kit and it is probably one of the BEST gifts I’ve ever received! My girlfriends all agree that it is fabulous. Not only is the purse that it comes in cute, it’s just big enough to add a few more things to it. I added a tiny drill from Target and some miscellaneous nails & clamps.

Want to get something useful and different for your bridesmaids? Little Black Toolkit! Wedding Shower gift? Little Black Toolkit! Birthday present? Little Black Toolkit! Christmas? Chanukah? Little Black Toolkit! I love it.

To make a good thing even better, they donate 10% of their Sales to Breast Cancer Research. Good things all around.

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The #1 Mitsy said...

Awesome! I have got to get myself one of these and 1 for all of my girlies!!