Thursday, August 16, 2007

The BEST wedding gift you can give your Fiance

Want to give your husband-to-be to be a special wedding gift but at a loss for ideas?

How about some nekkid pictures of yourself? Properly called "Boudoir Photographs", although the word nekkid is a lot more fun! Nudity is not required, of course--just some pretty lacy things and a sensuous attitude. Think about it: with your wedding workout and diet, you are probably in the best shape of your life right now and you have a photographer that could either take them for you or or refer you to another photographer (read:female) that you would feel more comfortable with. You could even try to schedule your photo shoot for the day that you have your makeup trial. Keep the hair natural and tussled though.

This past Valentines Day I gave my husband a book of about 40 Boudoir shots that were taken of me by Lori Evelyn and he absolutely loved it. Lori created a very vintage-y shadowy atmosphere for the black and white pictures that made me feel and look like a 40's screen siren. I cannot tell you how much my husband loves it.

Below is a picture (with her permission) from the wedding gift that the lovely Misha gave to her husband Kevin. Isn't she lovely? Best gift ever!

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