Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Barbie Bride vs. The Ruby Slippers

I have a theory on a syndrome I created that I call "Barbie Bride". I describe it as slightly losing one's sense of personality during the engagement process as pretty much all of the choices tend to look the same. For instance: the majority of brides are probably NOT the tiara and ballgown kind of girl, yet when you are in a bridal salon full of tiaras and ballgowns, you start to forget that. And don't even get me started on my opinion on "Prom Hair" and bridesmaid dresses.

I personally AM an 'Anthropologie' shopping, vintage jewelry wearing, Victoria reading, tiara loving, ballgown sewing type of girl, yet I too found myself falling into the "Barbie Bride" mold when I was engaged. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I cannot get enough of the color RED, and specifically red shoes. I have had a passionate love affair with the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz since I age 3, and have always worn red shoes, even when they did not match the football jersey I was wearing at age 7 or the flannel shirt I was wearing at age 13 (Nirvana, anyone?!) . I did design my own wedding dress, and my incredible seamstress mother made it for me, yet when I showed my girlfriends my white satin ballet flats with matching lace from my wedding dress they yelled: "WHAT. ARE. YOU. THINKING????? THAT IS SO NOT YOU!!!" And they were right. So I wore red glittered shoes under my white wedding dress and the memory of that still tickles me. Thanks, Kellie and Liesl!

My super cool totally tattooed and pierced hair stylist Melanie got married last year and she had horrible time finding her dress: nothing fit HER personality. I wish so badly I had known about Stephanie James Couture back then. I’m so in love with these delicious dresses and faaaabulous veils. Next time I'm down by Huntington Beach I need to take a field trip to her salon. I am doing a wedding on the Queen Mary this fall, so maybe I need some more vintage inspiration...

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