Monday, March 31, 2008

What is your inspiration?

I survived this past weekend, booked 2 new clients, and am celebrating today by purchasing an iPhone. Oh yes, I am going to be one of those people. I figure I'll gain about 2 points on the cool-o-meter. (I just had to delete "Not that I really need it though." after that sentence. Hee!)

I really meant to bring my camera to the chic bridal show, A Soolip Wedding, yesterday at Vibiana in Los Angeles, but between conducting an informal walk-through with my bride who is getting married there in October, speed-schmoozing with industry friends/colleagues, and being dazzled by too many sparkly things (is there such a thing as too many sparklies?!), I didn't get a chance see the fashion show or have a glass of Champagne.

I did make time to sit and listen to one of the "conversations with experts" that featured Rene of LA floral and event design company R. Jack Balthazar. I have a crush on them. Their designs, florals, philosophies, and style. They are FABULOUS. Rene spoke about finding your inspiration for your wedding and thinking in terms of all of the senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, & smell) instead of just choosing 2 colors and solely focusing on that. He said to imagine yourself as a guest opening up the invitation to your wedding--would you be excited about it? Would it give you a glimmer of what to expect? Imagine yourself as a guest at your wedding sitting at one of the tables--what would you look at? Talk about? Touch or feel? Preach it, Rene!

I did a wedding last year with lit ostrich feather centerpieces that were over-the-top-awesome and since they were rentals shipped in from a Mardi Gras company in New Orleans, they also had to go back to Louisiana with all feathers included.
Knowing that the feathers would be tempting to the guests, I bought large colored plastic jewels and scattered them on the tables. They were playful, sparkly, and fun and they worked! I only had to be the feather police a few times.
Give your guests things to smell, touch, play with, and enjoy. It will add so much to the overall memory of your wedding.

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