Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, honey!

This weekend is Rockstar Husband’s 30th birthday and I am so excited about his party! About 6 months ago I asked him what he wanted and he said “a good party in a good place with good friends” so the search for the good place began. We decided that renting a big house in cool location would be the perfect place for the party. Big Bear? Nope. Ski season is over. Santa Monica or Malibu? Too expensive and too close to home to feel like a getaway. Vegas? Done it already. Ensenada, Mexico? Close, but no cigar-- the 4 hour border crossings on Sunday are quite the buzz kill.

Palm Springs? Perfect! The perfect sunny getaway town AND it's only 2 hours away from LA.

Then the search for the house. We considered a castle, but thought again when we saw the price. We considered many homes in the gated golf communities, but they tend to be so stuffy and prim and proper we figured we’d be too rowdy for them.

Then we found: Villa Altamira. Perfection! It’s in downtown Palm Springs and is walking distance to the casinos, although I don’t plan on moving my albino bum from under an umbrella next to the pool. The only drawback: I’ll have to make my own Pina Coladas. Sometimes life is so hard.
We have 20 friends coming out to celebrate him, and celebrate we will! He requested a slip ‘n’ slide into the swimming pool, so a trip to Toys ‘R’ Us is planned for tonight. I’m also bringing my twister game. Happy Birthday, honey!

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